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Day Long Programs: Adult Day

The Adult Day Program is an organized health and social program provided by the Centre under contract with the Vancouver Island Health Authority.


Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Please click on the following link for a complete list of Services and Activities.


Any Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant having on-going health related problems who has lived continuously in B.C. for 12 months is eligible for the Program.

How It Works

  • Prospective participants are assessed by Long Term Care Case Manager
  • Individuals not wishing to be assessed or who are “ineligible” because of residency requirements may attend providing they pay the Centre’s current Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) per diem privately
  • Individuals wishing to participate but who live outside the "catchment area" See Note below may attend on a space available basis provided participants are able to arrange their own independent transportation
  • Participants must be capable of functioning in a group setting and be non-combative


Eligible participants are covered by the Ministry of Health / VIHA except for the following:

    Hot Noon meal$ 4.00
    Transportation $ 3.50
    Shampoo & Set $ 3.50
    Bath $10.00


Bus or station-wagon transportation for those residing in the 'catchment area'. See Note below

  • A staff member plus an RCA are in attendance on the bus
  • Bus accommodates both wheelchair & ambulatory participants
  • Bus is oxygen & phone equipped
  • On pick-up & return of participants, safety checks at home include locks, stoves, pets, etc.
  • An opportunity for staff / family / caregiver contact in participant’s home setting

Note: The "Catchment Area" is anywhere within the Saanich Peninsula north of Royal Oak Drive.